How to Grow and Maintain a Tomato Garden

How to Maintain Your Tomato Plants


A healthy plant will start to establish roots and show steady growth pretty quickly, as long as it’s warm enough and there is a plentiful supply of water. The soil should be kept moist but not waterlogged. In drier climates, watering should be conducted at least three times a week with attention being given to leaves and branches. Healthier, larger and tastier tomatoes will be produced if fresh, organic compost is added to the surrounding soil every three to four weeks. As the temperature increases through the summer months, there will be a marked increase in growth and the plant will begin to resemble a vine. Branches will likely grow in all directions and will begin to bend under the weight of the growing fruit.

At this stage, it is vitally important to ‘train’ the branches in growing in a particular way that will support the extra weight and protect the fruit. A tomato cage can now be used to provide the extra support required. Ideally, a good cage will be wider at the bottom for stability. Steel cages are very popular as they don’t rust and remain steady in all weathers. Attention should be given to the heaviest branches, weaving them in and out of the cage to ensure the maximum support is given. Some people use bamboo to create a pyramid-like structure. The top of a tomato plant can then be tied to the top of the structure for extra support. Branches under prolonged weight strain will eventually snap and result in the loss of fruit.

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