When to Harvest Tomatoes

How and When to Harvest Tomatoes

The Harvest

The best time to harvest the fruit will depend on the climate and location of the garden. In the warmer climates of parts of the USA, southern Europe and Central America, this can begin as early as June. Wherever the garden is, the fruit will usually be picked in the hottest months of the year when the temperature remains warm through the night. It is important not to pick fruit from the plant until it has fully ripened. This allows time for the flavour to develop to its full potential. The colour should be completely formed depending on the species of tomato. Tomatoes can be yellow, orange, red or even purple!

Another sign of a fully ripened fruit, is the ease in which it can be picked from the plant. To fully experience the fantastic flavour and freshness of garden-grown tomatoes, they should be picked only when they are to be eaten. This is in contrast with supermarket tomatoes which may have travelled for many days before arriving at the point of sale. For the sweetest, fullest flavoured tomatoes, they should be left on the vine for as long as possible.

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