How to Grow a Tomato

How to Grow Tomatoes

Millions of people all over the world, in many different climates, choose to grow tomatoes at home ensuring a plentiful supply of fresh and organic tomatoes throughout the warmer months of the year. Whilst it is thought that tomatoes originate in a sub-tropical climate, probably or Central America, many people in the colder climates of northern Europe successfully grow tomatoes in their own gardens. Whatever the climate, it is possible to raise and nurture a steady supply of tomatoes that are both free from harmful pesticides and full of beautiful flavour. Tomatoes are a rich source of several vitamins and nutrients including vitamins A and E. They are also known to be a source of Lycopene, a substance believed to greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Anyone who has grown their own tomatoes will say that they are far superior to the mass-produced varieties sold in supermarkets. There are a number of things to consider before beginning to plant tomatoes. Factors such as location, soil type, air temperature and ground temperature will determine what methods are used to ensure a healthy crop. If done properly and with a great deal of care and maintenance, it is possible to grow certain types of tomato in most regions of the world.

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