How to Grow Tomatoes in a Greenhouse


How to Grow Tomatoes in a Greenhouse

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Whilst the best time to grow tomatoes is in the summer months, there are some ways to successfully grow many varieties of tomato in the colder months of the year. Many climates in winter will not be warm enough to support tomato growth outdoors. There will probably also be insufficient light for producing healthy and tasty tomatoes. Fluorescent lights can be introduced in areas that struggle with eight hours or less of sunlight per day. Buying a greenhouse may be a shrewd investment as the climate can be controlled and plants will have the best chance of getting as much natural light as possible for the region.

When growing tomatoes indoors, consideration should also be given to the variety. Some types of tomato require a lot of space and may overrun smaller, indoor environments. It should not be forgotten that tomatoes prefer warmer temperatures so the use of a heated greenhouse in winter months will give the best chance of success. Tomato flower pollination will normally occur as the wind blows. If grown indoors, a fan can be used to gently blow against the plant. Tapping the stem gently can sometimes instigate pollination whilst hand-pollination with the use of a cotton swab is also very effective.

There are many ways to successfully grow tomatoes in a garden, depending on the location. Whilst people will use their own, tried and tested methods for growing tasty and nutritious tomatoes, these simple rules will ensure anyone new to tomato growing will have a steady supply, only a few yards away in the garden.

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