Some Famous Cats in Fact and Fiction

Cheshire cat. A cat that could slowly disappear, leaving only its grin behind, as described in Lewis Carroll's novel 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Felix. One of the first great stars of the animated cartoon and the hero of Pat Sullivan's cartoon strip series "Felix the Cat."

Garfield. Striped and bulgy-eyed comic strip cat known for his obnoxious comments, hefty appetite, and lazy lifestyle. Often played nasty tricks on his owner Jon and fellow family pet Odie, the dog.

Hodge. Favorite cat of Dr. Samuel Johnson, who is reputed to have bought fresh oysters personally each day and fed them to his pet.

Lucifer. A black angora, one of many cats that belonged to Cardinal Richelieu of France.

Mehitabel. The inscrutable cat that tells of her former life as Cleopatra in Don Marquis' novel 'the lives and times of archy and mehitabel'.

Morris. Orange-colored finicky and egotistical cat that appeared in a series of television cat food commercials. Although the character was played by a series of similar-looking cats over the years, Morris developed a loyal fan following.

Muessa. The cat so loved by Mohammed that, according to tradition, he cut off his robe rather than disturb the cat, which was sleeping on it.

Pink Panther. Silent, rose-pink-colored, animated feline who made his debut in the 1964 movie 'The Pink Panther'. The panther often matched wits with humans and always managed to escape unharmed but not before leaving turmoil in his wake.

Selima. A real cat that belonged to Horace Walpole. Selima was immortalized by Thomas Gray in the poem "Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfish."

Slippers. A gray cat with six toes on each paw, favored by President Theodore Roosevelt, who is said to have allowed the cat to appear at diplomatic dinners.

Sylvester. Black and white cartoon cat who often sputtered "Sufferin' succotash!" when he was thwarted by his main adversary, Tweety Pie, the canary. Although he tried millions of tricks, he never got the canary and always wound up being the fall guy.

Tobermory. The cat whose ability to speak devastated the guests at a house party in the story "Tobermory," from 'The Chronicles of Clovis', by Saki (H.H. Munro).

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